Patch of Sky – Lamps that share, in real-time, the sky above us




How it is cool! Display above the sky condition.

Working process is so simple. String LED is inside the structure and display weather condition.

It is the Prototype Product.

Prototype Blog :


This post is Curation about Weather Station.

The purpose of this article is for giving users to make a project as quality as this Prototype.

If users want to make something like this prototype, only need to know two things.

  • First, how to catch weather condition.
  • Last, how to turn on LED.

To learn only two things And go to make Your Own weather station!


1st, Weather Station with Ethernet.

weather station openweathermap

This project gets weather condition from

Then display weather condition with LEDs in the cotton.

There is open source with Linked URL.

This project used WIZwiki-W7500 Platform.

Reference Blog :


2nd, Weather Station with WiFi

This project also gets weather condition through openweathermap site.

But this project uses WiFi to connect

This project used WisFi250.

Reference Blog :


3rd, Weather Station with Arduino & Ethernet Shield


This project used Arduino and Arduino Ethernet Shield.

The point is It used Servo motor to display weather.

It is so cool idea!

Everything is the same with above two projects But the weather site is difference.

Here is the weather site this project used,

Reference Blog :


And the Last, How to control String LEDs with arduino.

It is not to hard to control string LED with Arduino.

Reference Blog :