What is REST architecture in WIZnet Museum?

What is REST architecture?

In other words, REST Architecture uses HTTP as transport protocol and Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) as http method such as POST, GET, PUT, DELETE and Hyper Media such as XML, HTLM, and JSON as Data.
The biggest feature of REST Architecture is not to maintain the same State as the Session information between the Server Clients and enable the user to know intuitively which service is provided via URI. It provides service such as Read and Update about the Resource by matching up the Resource of the Platform with URI and by using GET and POST of HTTP. Additionaly, it minimizes the complexity of the system and facilitates the integrated system construction by supporting a variety of languages as shown below.

What is in WIZnet Museum

REST Architecture became the most popular technology of the current Web-Service since there are mass contents when searching for “REST” on WIZnet Museum website. It is uncertain to be REST if you’re controling the resource like gpio using HTTP. Most Contents are not vastly different from the existing Web-Service(WS) technology. Of course, REST has the freedom of implementation since its concept is about Software Platform Architecture and not Protocol. However, it is difficult to deine that Updating the Data using GET method and parameters in REST.
More precisely, REST must be provided with the desired service such as GET/POST from clear URI. In other words, it should use Post and Put message to Update the Data. It is not easy to provide Post method without Web-page on the Web-Browser. In order to overcome this, we can understand that it is using Get method and parameter.

Therefore, we can see many examples of Sensor Gathering that don’t need POST method or application services like System Monitor following REST architecture.

This post will introduce two contents.



aREST.io shows well how to implement REST. As I mentioned earlier, it leaves to be desired that we used GET to do Resource update without POST. But it is good for using only URI and not Parameter to implement WEB Browser.



Sensor Box is an example of REST used for Sensor application.

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