According to a survey about the latest technology trends, as the digital revolution of various IoT devices progress, such as  subminiature sensors, smartphones, wearable devices, smart appliances, driverless cars, and industrial robots, the interest in the IoT technology will result in approximately 25 billion IoT devices by 2020.

Until now, IoT did not rapidly grow over a short period of time. The data communication has always been widely used with the concept of M2M or Ubiquitous. And there has been various attempts and developments on how to make better use of this information. In the recent past, the IoT market increased explosively because of various platform solutions based on Open Source and Open Hardware.

In other words, the IoT platform cannot be defined as a single platform bur rather, it is a new platform or a combination of various platforms.


In this curation, I will distinguish the IoT platform into three categories and will suggest a direction to make a better IoT Platform using the three platforms in harmony.

The three platforms are the Cloud Platform, Application Platform, and the Hardware Platform.



The crucail part of the IoT Platform is the Cloud Service. Even though data can be sent to users or between devices, some data can be more valuable when it isaccumulated. And there are various situations when data can be lost or it cannot be transmitted directly from device to device due to security issues or poor network conditions. Cloud Service makes IoT much more valuable because if can handle a huge amount of data.

The Cloud Platform is a software that provides the necessary components to develop a cloud environment. Cloud Platform offers various functions and among them, the more important functions are virtual server management, storage management, network management, and security management.

This curation will define Cloud Service and its usage from actual IoT projects.



The second most important part of an IoT Platform is Application.

A good application that suits the user’s needs can not only deliver data efficiently but also receive faster feedback and should provide the same function in various devices.

This article helps users easliy understand and use the Application Platform and also explains how to configure the dashboard with actual Blynk Platform and create an actual App.



Last but not least, the most basic yet importnat part of IoT Platform is the Hardware Platform.

The commonly well known Hardware platform is Arduino. It has been the catalyst of the Maker culture and the most used platform as well.

Besides Arduino, ARMmbed is also a rising Platform which is building an IoT eco system with the mbed OS and architecture technology by ARM.

Please see below for more details of ARMmbed and different Platform boards provided by mbed.



Curator : lawrence from WIZnet
Email : lawrence@wiznet.co.kr