What Is VAR?
VAR (Value-Added Reseller) is a company that takes existing products, software and/or hardware and adds value to them to resell. A VAR, for example, would add an operating system, such as IBM’s OS/390, to a Unix service, and then sell the package to an architect. [Encyclopedia of Knowledge from Naver]

Similarly, there are many VAR products and companies in OSHW (Open Source Hardware). In this post, we introduce various VAR products using Wiznet modules.

WIZ610wi – Ben’s HobbyConer
This product, made with WIZnet’s WIZ610wi, is designed to function similar to an Arduino internet router. WIZ610wi is an embedded Wi-Fi module that supports 802.11b/g and has a built-in web server for Wi-Fi settings, through which you can easily change the settings.


This VAR product uses Wiznet’s Wizfi210, designed to be compatible with Xbee and Pin. Therefore, customers who are using Xbee Shield can also use Xbee and Wibee module without any hardware changes.




WiFi Shield from Gorillabulderz – WizFi210
This product is a typical Arduino Shield product and has a built-in WizFi210 module. A SD card slot is also built in so you can save codes, data, and web pages for your desired web server.



IONO Ethernet

IONO Ethernet is a VAR product made by SFERALABS that provides a board that can be used with Input, Output and Relay pins when connected to an Arduino board.

If you purchase an IONO Ethernet, the base board and Arduino Ethernet Rev 3 are provided together, alongside software to control Ethernet I/O module using web application and simple HTTP API.



Introducing OSWIN, the Open Source Wireless IoT Node
OSWIN is an abbreviation for Open Source Wireless IoT Node. Built with ATmega1284P AVR MCU, OSWIN is advantageous because you can use both Ethernet and RF shield at the same time.

OSWIN supports Ethernet using Wiznet’s WIZ820io and W5100 Ethernet shield. It also supports Xbee sockets, allowing RN-XV Wi-Fi module, XRF module, and others to be used for wireless communication.

Using this product, we believe customers can implement applications using wireless (RF, Wi-Fi) communication and wired (Ethernet) communication more easily.


oswin_xrf_wiz820io_rfm12b adfsag


Waspmote Mote Runner 6LoWPAN Development Platform
This product is a 6LowPAN Gateway designed by libelium. The configuration is largely divided into an end node that transmits the measured value to the gateway and a gateway that changes the RF Data received from the end node to IPv4 or IPv6 and transmits it to the central server. The gateway uses WIZnet W5100 for Ethernet communication.

end node waspmote_mote_runner_24

This specific role of Gateway is called Tunneling. It can be easily understood by referring to the figure below.

6LoWPAN - IPv4 - IPv6 - Cloud


With this product, even if 6LowPan Stack is not implemented for RF-enabled modules, it is possible to use functions similar to 6LowPAN implementation at end node by using IPv4/IPv6 through gateway.  This product is expected to be useful for customers who have difficulty modifying their systems that have already been deployed in current markets or for customers who find it difficult to implement 6LowPAN directly onto their systems.


Curator : Patrick from WIZnet
Email : kaizen@wiznet.co.kr