What is MQTT?

MQTT is a protocol that delivers messages exchanged between the broker and clients via Publish or Subscribe.



Since MQTT protocol can be used in low bandwidth and is designed to send messages easily and fast, it is most appropriate for embedded systems with limited resources.

According users who have compared specifications of HTTPS protocol and MQTT with SSL, we can see the advantage of MQTT as below.

  • The power consumption of MQTT protocol is less than HTTPS to use for maintenance of connection and message publishing and subscribing.
  • It is highly reliable and fast to publish and subscribe messages.

For more information, please refer to the following link.

Link: Power Profiling: HTTPS Long Polling vs. MQTT with SSL, on Android


 Send Data                                                                                                          mqtt-003-sending


Receive Data


Project using MQTT on WIZnet Museum

Are there any projects that implement MQTT in the end terminal? WIZnet Museum already has 50 or more projects using MQTT and the trend of projects using MQTT is increasing.

MQTT projects are divided into two categories.

  1. In case of using external Broker.
  1. In case of using your own Broker.
    • In this case, most users implemented MQTT Broker as a binding form after implementing OpenHAB server to Raspberry PI.
    • The advantage of this case is that users can implement the web page as they want and make a private environment.
    • In case of using OpenHAB, users can use compatible protocols or products supported by OpenHAB in addition to MQTT.
      1. IoT, Home Automation(
        • This project has 7 explanations about how to install OpenHAB and MQTT to Raspberry PI and how to use UI of OpenHAB.
        • Explanation on how to communicate with Raspberry PI using MQTT in Arduino is also explained.
        • iothomeautomation-001 iothomeautomation-002
      2. Another Home Automation System- Forget me Not(
        • This project shows how to control and sense several modules using Raspberry PI. Ethernet is connected with IR LED and sends IR data of remote control to Raspberry PI.
        • This project describes Raspberry PI and each module in detail.
        • forgetmenot-diagram-001 forgetme-building-002



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