The Trend of Clones of Ethernet Shields Using W5300

Following the W5500, W5100 and W5200 VAR posts, we’ll lastly talk about VAR products that use the W5300 chip.

But before that, we will explain the difference between each chip.

The order of release is as follows: W5100-W5300-W5200-W5500 with W5300dms being released in 2008.
The W5300 in comparison is faster and has a bigger buffer than the other chips. This means that it’s capable of handling a large capacity multimedia transmission. With that said, it is the most expensive of the bunch.

Therefore, it is important to select a chip according to the user’s requirement spec, not to pursue only high performance.
Now let us introduce some VAR products that use W5300.

1. DSX50WZ

The first product we’ll introduce is from Digital Shortcut, combining Xilinx’s XC3S50AN Spartan-3AN FPGA and W5300.

It is suitable for the embedded design process requiring an Ethernet interface.
The board can be configured as a highly efficient web server and has resources available for most applications.
W5300 can handle the complicated process of TCP / IP packets.
For more information, refer to the link provided.

2. NET7026

Second, we’ll introduce the board with ARM7TMDI(ARM7 + 16 bit Thumb + JTAG Debug + fast Multiplier + enhanced ICE).
It was one of the most widely used cores and was regularly used in embedded system designs.
The purpose of the chip includes: portable media player, handheld game console, handheld game console, first GSM phone to use an ARM processor, and home video game console.
For more information, refer to the link provided.

3. Development board Spartan-6

The third board is Spartan6 with W3300.
The Spartan-6 is used for pre-processing of digital signal and streaming signals over a network.
For more information, refer to the link provided.

4. Mini Module WIZnet W5300

The last board is MM WIZnet W5300.
The main thing to note about this module is its RISC Atmega128 microcontroller with 128kB of program memory and 64kB of RAM memory. It also has a 512kB of serial data flash memory.
Minimodules can be used in areas such as industrial remote control and monitoring systems, weather stations and environmental monitoring,and road traffic monitors.
For more information, refer to the link provided.

Unlike the W5100, W5200, and W5500, we couldn’t find an Arduino-compatible board using the W5300. It was instead leveraged in many different environments, like image processing and design. Which we deem as a result of its high performance spec.

We hope this helps to find the right board and chip for you!

Curator: Becky from WIZnet