In this project, W5100 is used as the Gateway node of 6LoWPAN system and the product is made by Libelium.

Currently, IBM and Libelium have joined efforts to offer a unique IPv6 development platform for sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). By integrating the IBM Mote Runner SDK on top of Libelium Waspmote sensor platform we get a unique and powerful tool for developers and researchers interested in 6LoWPAN / IPv6 connectivity for the Internet of Things.


» Network Topology

In the diagram below we can see how the Waspmote Mote Runner 6LoWPAN / IPv6 Network works.

  1. The sensor nodes use the 6LoWPAN protocol over the 802.15.4 link layer to create a mesh network which interconnects any device in the network with the Gateway (GW).
  2. Once the GW takes the 6LoWPAN packets, it changes the IP header to IPv4 while keeping the UDP transport layer.
  3. Then it sends the information to the IPv4 / IPv6 Tunneling machine which will change the header to a proper IPv6 format and will send the information to IPv6 Servers located on the Internet, where users are connected.

* The GW and the Tunneling Machine are intended to be a single device in the future.

6LoWPAN - IPv4 - IPv6 - Cloud


6LoWPAN - IPv4 - IPv6 - Cloud

With WIZnet’s W6100, it is easier to implement the Gateway node of the 6LoWPAN system; WIZ6100 is scheulded to be released in October. W6100 is a hardwired TCP/IP network solution chip that can support TCP, UDP, IPv6, IPv4, ICMPv6, ICPMPv4, IGMP, MLDv1, ARP, PPPoE and so on. The W6100 is an IPv6 version of the W5x00 series of from WIZnet. By using the new W6100, uers would be ablto to eliminate the marked are in the figure below.







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