Many companies have recognized the importance of energy reduction and efficiency recently; leading in a trend of products being launched based on smart meter technology.

These products gather data of energy consumption and its utility fee in real time, and analyze the use pattern by using big data.

Among these products, smart plug is the underlying factor that can effectively utilize the national energy resources since it is connected with cloud and contributes to operational reserve power.

In this posting, several projects that implement a smart plug technology using a wire/wireless solution of WIZnet will be introduced.

1. Web Enabled Arduino Plug 

arduino plug

This project is well described step by step about how to control the power supply (110V) of a high voltage using the Arduino platform. Web server with Arduino and Ethernet Shield is used to control the power supply.

2.  Arduino Power Meter


This project shows an example of the power metering using the Arduino platform.

As shown in the picture above, it is transmitted to HTTP(6) through RS485(4~5) with current sensing(2) and voltage sensing(3).

Arduino UNO board embedded with W5100 is used in this project.



3. A Wifi Smart Power Outlet for Remote Monitoring and Control of Power Consumption


This project is a study on the implementation of smart plug that was released as a part of smart power management system configuration.

Unlike the other two projects mentioned above, an Arduino platform or Ethernet Shied is not used in this project. Instead, ATMega128 is used as MCU and WIZnet’s wi-fi module, WizFi210, is used for communication.

This example includes measurement and control of the energy in terms of the function implementation and describes about the configuration and implementation method very well.

Unfortunately, the original posting of this project was written in Korean only.



The leading companies in the smart energy industry have provided their customers with cloud(smart grid) and high-quality level of service in recent years. But, this post mainly introduces projects using a one-to-one local communication method or a simple web server communication.

The projects introduced above are an example of smart plug that can be divided into two parts according to the communication method. One is wired method(Arduino and Ethernet Shield) and the other is wireless method(WizFi210). The following technologies are used in terms of the internal implementation.

  • Power Metering Technology
  • Control of High Voltage
  • Communications Technology with Cloud (Wire/Wireless)

Curator : Steve in WIZnet
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