Recently, there are many baby products that have added IoT. We can say these products came out by the needs of mothers. IoT can now be seen around the world.

It is not a story of future anymore. By using IoT products for babies, you can focus on your child more enjoyable and comfortable.

However, these products are very expensive because of the convenient.
First of all, let’s find out what products are available and I would like to explain that I can refer to implement the product directly. First product I would like to introduce is the “DoToRi KiJaeGi” which measures the height of a child. DoToRi KiJaeGi can measure the height of a child frequently. After connecting to the smartphone, you can save and manage the measured height by using ultrasonic.  참고(제품명 도토리키재기) 참고(제품명 도토리키재기)

DoToRi KiJaeGi can measure your child’s height from anywhere.

The child who often goes to the hospital should measure the height lots of time.

DoToRi KiJaeGi has a function to store and manage the measured height using ultrasonic after connecting to a smartphone.

It is also used as a resource to share data or to confirm the growth of a child.



This project uses ultrasonic waves to recognize the object.

By using this project, you can make products such as DoToRi KiJaeGi.


The second product is a diaper sensor.


Provided by Beyond Lab


There are diseases that appear to children because of their diapers.
If parents do not change their baby’s diapers in time, atopic, urinary incontinence and diaper rash will occur.
When the product senses the moisture content of the diaper, it transmits the data to the smartphone.

It can also be used as a resource to inform the doctor about the condition of the child.

This project can check the temperature and humidity values to update online.

What kind of IoT product would you like to make?