This article showcases various projects related to home security. As home security has become increasingly important, it’s a hot topic of interest for many. Let’s look at some home security services using Arduino.


1. Smart Doorbell

This project is a simple security system using the Blynk app. The Smart Doorbell notifies users via smartphone when a visitor rings the doorbell.


Blynk notifies users as shown below. This can be changed depending on how you customize the app.



2. Arduino-based Security Project using Cayenne















“In order to fully experience this new IoT platform, I decided to create a project to really put it through its paces. This is what my Security Project will need:

  1. It will use two Arduinos – one connected to the Internet via an Ethernet shield and the other via Wi-Fi.
  2. Two detectors – a PIR sensor and a laser trip wire.
  3. If the sensors are tripped, the person has 10 seconds to present an RFID tag to the Grove RFID reader
    • If a valid RFID tag is SUCCESSFULLY presented within the time limit, a nice personalized greeting will be played to that person using a Grove – Serial MP3 player
    • If a valid RFID FAILS to be presented within the time limit, an Alarm will sound, and I will be notified of the intrusion via an SMS alert.
  4. The Cayenne dashboard will show the status of the sensors and I will have full control over my security system via the web interface (or smartphone app).
  5. The sensors will be attached to a different Arduino to that of the Grove MP3 player and the RFID tag reader, which means that there will have to be some level of communication between the two Arduinos. In fact, the cross communication will be vital to the success of this project.”



















Video :


3. DIY Home Security System

The main feature of this project is that it can be implemented at a low cost. This security system has an advanced motion detector system with noise filter and error correction to prevent false alarms.








What we’ve seen so far are Arduino projects that can buttress home security. Why don’t you try making one for your own home?


Curator : Cliff, WIZnet