IoT service provides a convenient life for everyone.

People will be able to live a more convenient if these IoT services are further developed.

Applying advanced IoT technology to agriculture is likely to be more efficient and productive.

So this time, I tried to organize the SmartFarm by combining agriculture with IoT.

It is a form that enables to get all the information and management of farms from anywhere using IoT service. Smart Farm is configured under IoT service as shown below. Also, it can manage and monitor anytime and anywhere with a smartphone.


A structure is configured to verify information from a Sensor, utilize a Cloud server to store data, and manage it directly. The detailed form of the farm can be seen in the following picture.


Many sensors are used to acquire necessary information for farm management.

You can find out more details from the links below.

The following is a Smart Farm(plant) service implemented with Arduino. It is a type of service that can be useful to manage a small garden in the home or near the suburbs. It manages and controls the crops.

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It is easy to manage and control crops from anywhere by using various sensors. The measured information can be checked on the website and it is also configured for direct control. Please follow the link below for more information.

The final content is designed a service that is set up to water crops periodically. It is a little bit different from the existing method. This service can be conveniently used at home because it can automatically give water to plants. The picture below is a sample to follow.


Smart Farm services are being developed and used in various ways. Also,  demand for smart farms will increase. To operate a farm by pushing one button is not far to be able from now because IoT technology is growing more and more. My article of the smart farm ends up here.

Thanks for reading.


Curator: Cliff from WIZnet