With the advent of the iPhone that marks the beginning of the smart revolution in 2007, the world has come to connect mobile phones and tablets to the internet.

Things are trying to connect to the internet have brought a new paradigm of the industry.

By 2020, the internet will be connected to 31 billion devices used by 4 billion people.

As diverse objects connect to the internet, the world will create new values and business innovation.

As diverse objects connect to the internet, the world will create new values and business innovation.

Sensing: Sensor technology that can collect information from the environment around the object.

Communication infrastructure: Communication technology that transmits secured information through the network.

Service interface: Service technology delivered to users.

In this article, I will focus on sensing tech. Let’s take a look at the information that makers usually acquire and monitor.


1. Temperature, Humidity

The most monitored information is temperature and humidity. Many people are using sensor technology in various spaces such as houses, rooms and drying rooms.

The reason is there is the DH11 module which can sense temperature and humidity at once. Also, there is abundant data to implement.

And it seems that temperature and humidity are the only things to be sensed.

Most projects end with simple monitoring, however, some projects have performed the action depending on monitored temperature and humidity changes.

CloudCooker – IoT Temperature Controller



2. Gas, Smoke

Many people are using sensor technology to collect the information of air pollution, even though space is limited compared to temperature and humidity.

A related application which is very similar to temperature and humidity is mainly focused on simple monitoring of sensing and the alarms on specific values, such as fire alarm.

Air Quality Monitoring

Home security


3. Water level, Moisture

We are using sensor technology to measure the water level of the house, the water tank, and the drainage tank. It does not end with simple monitoring however it has alarms for specific values.

In the case of pollen, there is also an intelligent system that measures the water of the soil and automatically supplies water by the alarm function.

Drainage tank of water purifier IoT

Smart Watering Plants


4. Current

In the case of current is a small application of smart grid and smart meter. It measures the current in units of appliances or multi-tap.


All about charging station and How to measure / monitoring current and voltage using internet


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