Project Description

Zuino is an Ethernet based microcontroller board. It is based on the integrated USB download, POE power supply, TF slot and other functions, and is fully compatible with UNO pin locations. It allows you to quickly put your controller to access the Internet in order to build your network applications.
Onboard with W5500 as the core of the network module, you can make Arduino become simple Web server or network control to read and write by Arduino digital and analog interface and other network applications. IDE can be used directly in the Ethernet library can implement a simple Web server.


Technical Specification

MCU -ATmega328p

Operating Voltage: 5V

Input Voltage:  7~10V

Input power 

Zduino Ethernet can be powered by three kinds of ways, and can automatically select the power supply.

  1. The external power supply by AC / DC adapter or battery by DC3.5 power outlet to Zduino Ethernet power supply.

  2. Use Power Over Ethernet power supply module via Ethernet port to Zduino Ethernet power supply.

  3. Use MicroUSB cable MicroUSB port via an onboard power supply to Zduino Ethernet.

4. Zduino Ethernet own minimum power consumption: ≤2W

Power Input Priority

Power input automatically switches (input voltage ≥7V time):

  1. Priority: POE> DC socket, VIN> USB
  2. Competition: between DC jack input and VIN, the voltage the higher priority