Project Description

YX-W5300 network modules by Yan Xu


W5300 network port transmission module large flow data transmission usb gpio switch to Ethernet transmission interface

Back of YX-W5300:

YX-W5300YX-W5300 with 28335 board:

YX-W5300 w/ 28335 board

W5300 Applications:

  • Home Network Device: DVR, PVR, Digital media device
  • Serial-to-Ethernet: Access Control, LED display
  • Parallel-to-Ethernet: POS, mini printer, copy machine
  • USB-to-Ethernet: Storage Device, Network Printer
  • GPIO-to-Ethernet: Home Network Sensor
  • Security: DVR, Network Camara
  • Factory and building automation
  • Medical monitoring device
  • Embedded server