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I would like to introduce IC2Cloud IoT Platform.

“IC2Cloud is an Internet of Things platform created with a simple goal: reduce the complexity of IoT development.”

As an embedded engineer, I like it because I know how hard it is to implement the IoT service.

IC2Cloud IoT platform seems to be very easier to use than other IoT platforms for global companies.

IC2C - High Level Diagram

Let’s take a closer look.

IC2Cloud platform has 5 tools in the website. Firmware Builder, Signal Viewer, Device Builder, Device Manager, and App Builder.

1. Signal viewer can help you debug easily. The Signal Viewer tool allows you to inspect the signals exchanged between the cloud and the hardware.

Signal manager


2. Device Builder is server side programming tool. You don’t need to learn or do coding new server program to build your IoT server. Just “Drag&Drop”. That’s all.

device builder


3. Device Manger is tool to deploy and run the cloud devices. An otherwise complex activity has been reduced to a simple press of a button when using this tool.

device manager


4. The information of firmware builder and APP builder are linked to codebender and APP inventer.

codebenderapp inventor


Also, IC2Cloud has well-organized 8 IoT Arduino examples.

1. Basic Security IoT

2. Temperature IoT

3. Humidity IoT

4. Range Finder IoT

5. Luminance IoT

6. Air Pressure IoT

7. Relay IoT

8. Wemo Socket IoT


Each of these example’s documents are perfect.

These have hardware description&pictures, software description&download link, and server side programming description even mobile app software.

It is very easy to follow.

ic2cloud hardware


ic2cloud example2

ic2cloud example4

ic2cloud example3


I tried to test using WizFi310 wifi module instead of Arduino. It worked well.


The IC2Cloud Web site: