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Here we make a Scripting-development-platform for embedded IoT in C language Style using WizFi250 as hardware and picoc as a scripting engine.


WizFi250-CSI already have C scripting engine, so you don’t need to install any software to compile(or run) your code. All you need is just a serial terminal program like putty or teraterm.


  • Connect WizFi250-CSI to your computer by USB. (If needed, install the serial driver.)
  • You don’t need any specific software. (Compiler, IDE, Linker, Flash-uploader, ….).
  • Just open a serial terminal program and start your application using C language.


WizFi250-CSI Block Diagram


Here is a internal block diagram of WizFi250-CSI.



All functions, structure and static values are defined in “WizFi250-CSI.h”.

So, your script file needs only to include “WizFi250-CSI.h”.

You don’t need include another header files like stdio.h, string.h or socket.h.

By referring to this “WizFi250-CSI.h”, you can write your own application.

Most general functions are based on “C standard library”.

Socket functions are based on BSD sockets API.

Most hardware-functions of WizFi250 are based on Arduino style.

Please, refer to the below full “WizFi250-CSI.h”.

Hello World Applcaiotn Using WizFi250-CSI



Basically WizFi250-CSI provide a simple shell to write/read/delete “C Script File”.

(Or, you can write “C Script File” using any editor.)

Using this shell, you can write(or upload) the “C Script File” via serial with terminal program.

Now, all you have to do is over.

To run the “C Script File”, just restart WizFi250-CSI.

WizFi250-CSI executes your “C Script File” in real time because your “C Script File” was already saved in flash.


GPIO/ADC Applcaiotn Using WizFi250-CSI


In this step, we will write a simple GPIO/ADC applcation.

As above described, most hardware-functions of WizFi250 are based on Arduino style.

For details of the functions, you can refer to the “WizFi250-CSI.h”.


Simple Socket Applicaiotn Using WizFi250-CSI

In this step, we will write a simple UDP socket applcation in “Berkeley sockets Wiki”.

As you see, there is no big difference between “C script for WizFi250-CSI” and “original C source based on BSD socket API”.


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