Project Description

In order to connect to external network, WizFi250 needs to keep connecting to the AP. However due to unexpected RF environment, the connection can be closed.

This posting is about reconnecting AP using ‘AT + WCHECK’ command when WizFi250 is disconnected with AP.

Below is AT Commands those are used for the test.


As you see in the log right above, AP connection is failed at first attempt but succeeded to reconnect into AP approximately 30 sec later.  ‘AT + WCHECK’ is a command that enables the WizFi250 to automatically reconnect with AP.


AT + WCHECK = 30,10,5

This command close the connection with AP when the error occurs more than 5 times after trying to send a ping toward gateway.

Then, if Wizfi250’s status is not associated with AP, it tries to reconnect with AP again.


This particular connection command is available only in the service mode set as AT + SCON = S.

It is recommended to set minimum of 30 seconds for the first option. If you set it under 30 seconds, WizFi250 tries to connect with AP consecutively without taking other AT commands.


This function is supported from WizFi250 F/W version or above.