Project Description

Whenever I work on Arduino Ethernet Shield projects such as twitter and Sensor node, I have thought that the Wi-Fi solution is better than Ethernet Shield solution.

How about you? Which solution would be better one in your opinion?

I would like to introduce easy solution that doesn’t make your Ethernet Shield project change.

We have already been experienced in the Twitter application.

Let’s start using the Twitter for Arduino Ethernet Shield project.

Please refer to the Arduino Twitter application;


  • My Twitter application used the analog sound sensor (


  • Block Diagram



  • Source code



  • Test Result




  • How to change from Ethernet to Wi-Fi?

           –  I would like to introduce WIZ610wi, one of the Wi-Fi module from WIZnet.



– The main function of WIZ610wi is to support AP/Client/Gateway mode.


  • WIZ610wi Client Mode


– Use a wireless adapter for wired-only Ethernet enabled device. This mode is suitable to connect smart TVs, game consoles, or computers for your wireless network.


  • How to set up the WIZ610wi Client Mode


  • Operation Mode Setting Image.


You should have to confirm AP information.

Site Survey -> Having access to AP selection


Input Access AP information


Check the success message in the box and click “OK”


  • Connect between Arduino Ethernet Shield and WIZ610wi-EVB
  • Block diagram


  • Test Result



  • Conclusion

We can easily find Arduino Ethernet shield projects such as Twitter server, TCP server, and Client and so on.

However, it is not usually easy to convert from the Ethernet Shield solution to Wi-Fi solution for Arduino.

This is the reason why I suggest that you better use and add WIZ610wi then, it makes you convert from Arduino Ethernet Shield to Wi-Fi solution easily which means that you don’t have to waste your time and money to buy a new Wi-Fi module and learn about it.

In order to purchase WIZ610wi, please visit the following website;