Project Description

This article is about using the WIZ550web with an adjusted firmware to directly send and receive multicasts from a KNX Gateway to communicate with the professional homeautomation KNX bus. In multiple steps it is shown how to add PIR sensor to a WIZ550web. The WIZ550web is then sending multicast directly to the ethernet. The gateway is then transferring this data to the KNX bus. Voila – the stairway light goes on.

But it’s also other way around, a touchpanel on the KNX Bus is sending configuration data for the WIZ550web on the KNX bus – the gateway is transferring this to the ethernet via the gateway – the WIZ550web is receiving the multicast and processing the data.

In the next step, a WIZ550web is doing the blind control of a video projector, control of the video projector and control of an avr power amplifier. So it’s possible to just press one button of the KNX System to bring the living room to cinema mode: Lights dim, projector is starting, projection blind is rolling down and the power amplifer is starting and choosing the input channel of the media center…

by TW