Project Description

You can enjoy your skate board by adding some electronic parts.

  1. Parts Requried

For the part of skateboard, we used 90mm wheel, 34” long board deck and below parts. In order to opertate the board, WIZwiki-W7500 ECO module is used for MCU platform and WizFi250 is for WiFi control. If you click each part name, you can check the detailed specification and purchasing information.

1. Parts Required

2. Skateboard Assembly

If you have the experience in using RC, you can easily asseble above parts. If not, you can refer to below picture.

Assembling Wheel Adaptor



Assembling Wheel & Trucks


3. Hardware Configuration for Motor Control

Servo motor is operated by PWM of MCU. In this board, WIZwiki-W7500ECO is used for MCU platform. You need ESC(for controlling speed of motor) and UBEC(for input 5V to WIZwiki-W7500ECO).





If you refer to this Link, you can get more detail information and download source code for motor test.

4. Hardware Configuration for WiFi Receiver


This device has 3 output pin and 2 input pin. Input pins are for getting voltage from battery and Output pins are for controlling motor.


5. WiFi Receiver Firmware

Firmware of WiFi receiver is operated as below. If smartphone push “Speed Up” button, Wi-Fi receiver will increase motor speed and it push “Speed Down” button, Wi-Fi receiver will decrease motor speed by 5 percentage.


In the abnormal situation such as WiFi disconnection, the Wi-Fi receiver will stop motor. (even if motor stops, the skateboard will keep moving due to its acceleration.



You can download source code for Wi-Fi receiver from the Link

6. Android Application


source code :