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Web-controlled music player


author say

I made two version about audio player.
The Ethernet shield version (botton) gives better results with more flash cards.
An Arduino expansion board adds Ethernet conectivity plus microSD card storage. He used that storage as the basis of a simple one-button digital audio player.
And it was functional but limited to 8-bit mono WAV files with a 19KHz sample rate.

He is using the Arduino’s PWM outputs to turn digitally sampled audio back into an analogue voltage approximation. These outputs appear at the D5 and D6 pins on the Ethernet shield.
(The Shield doesn’t do anything at this point – these outputs are feed-throughs from the Arduino board underneath.)

The Circuit draw the using Fritzing.

Masking the WAV files

You have created an easy-to-use audio converter that integrates into Windows Explorer and converts any audio file into the required WAV format.
You can even convert multiple files at the same time and it automatically turns those files into the 8.3 filenames our player requires. All you do then is copy the WAV files to the root of a FAT32-formatted Class 4 SDHC card.
For detailed information, read to the Install the covert of content.

The circuit is for NetPlay audio player.

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Install file of Convert to 8bit stereo

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