Project Description


W5300 host (MCU) uses a bus interface by direct or indirect access mode. It can be easily connected with the host, like access SRAM memory. Through each port TX/RX FIFO register, W5300 communication data can be accessed. Because of these features, even a beginner can easily use W5300 to achieve Internet connection

W5300 Applications

W5300 in many embedded systems are very suitable, including home networking equipment :
: PVR(Personal Video Recorder), STB(Set Top Boxes) and digital multimedia devices Serial to

Serial to Ethernet
:access control, LED display parallel interface to Ethernet :

POS / micro-printer, copiers USB Ethernet
: storage devices, network printers GPIO

: home network sensor area

Security equipment
: DVR, webcam factory and building automation medical monitoring devices embedded server


Support firmware TCP/IP protocols

: TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE, Ethernet

District supports 8 independent ports

: High-Speed network data transfer rate up 50Mbps

Support mixed network TCP/IP protocol stack(Software / Hardware TCP/IP / IP protocol stack)

Support ADSL connection (With support PAP/CHAP authentication mode PPPoE protocol)

128K bytes of internal memory for data communication (internal TX/RX memory)

Embedded 10BaseT/100BaseTX of Ethernet physical layer supports automatic handshake function (full-duplex, half duplex)

Support automatic MDI/MDIX (cross-polarity signal lines)

Support TX,RX, full/half duplex, IP address conflict indication LED network, network connections and network speed

Supports PHY interface

Supports 8/16-bit data bus

Supports two kinds of host interface mode (direct and indirect access mode)

External 25MHz operating frequency (the internal phase-locked loop logic period 40ns)

Internal PLL clock output 150MHz(phase-locked loop clock, a period of approximately 6.67ns)

Network operating frequency : 25MHz (100BaseTX) or 2.5MHz (10BaseT)

3.3V operating Voltage, I/O port can withstand 5V Voltage

1.8V internal voltage regulator with 0.18 um CMOS

Process of LQFP-100, 14x14mm lead-free package

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