Project Description


This project is about an Android phone to be used as a motion detector and for demonstration purposes, Author will make a study lamp to be turned on when movement is detected.

Author Say about this project,

let’s say I don’t want someone to interfere with my personal bag but I really have to go out as well, in that case I will leave my motion-sensing phone inside the bag, later-on, if motion is detected, the phone can call my other phone, send a SMS or a notification, switch a light-on somewhere or can turn a sound alarm on.


  • An Arduino Uno
  • Evothings Studio
  • A 5V Relay Module
  • A Study Lamp
  • Wizfi210 module



Author already wrote a tutorial about WizFi210 :configured DFRobot’s WiFi Shield with Arduino
Please follow the listed steps in that tutorial to get your WiFi shield up and running (if you are using the same shield).
1_wizfi210 2_wizfi210

You can watch the operation video.

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