Project Description

This project is about the poem twitting lamp. The lamp incorporates an RFID reader and the BlinkM(a programable RGB LED). The lamp tweets random colored poems when it detects one of the three RFID cards which each represent one of the primary colors of light. These colors can be mixed allowing you to make seven different colors of poems. Below is the tweeting message sent by the lamp.

tweet lamp-1


The author made two versions of the lamp – one is using ¬†Seeed Studio’s RFID Reader and the other is using Parallax’s RFID Reader system. In both of them, Arduino Ethernet shield is used for Internet connectivity and transmitting the tweet message.

As you see below movie, the lamp sends the different tweeting according to the RFID card type.





If you go to Instructables, you can see all process how this project has been developed and get all source code.