Project Description

This tutorial is about building a Smart Watch that receives time information from Internet using WIZwiki-W7500 & OLED.

Before Start

Before we move onto this project, we recommend users have enough knowledge of OLED, I2C, NTP, RTC. Following links will help you with it.


Parts Required



Library & Compiler

  • SSD1306 Driver
  • Ethernet library (made in WIZnet)
  • mbed web complier :LINK

Step 1 : Connecting Hardware

As shown in the circuit diagram, connect OLED to WIZwiki-W7500




Step 2 : Importing time information through NTP

  1. Import Network time from NTP Server using SNTP protocol.
  2. Set imported data an initial value of RTC.
  3. Count the clock using set value.
  4. yy/mm/dd  h/m/s changes to h/m(Large Size) after 5sec.
  5. yy/mm/dd  h/m/s form of specific time displays when SW is pressed.


Step 3 : mbed Web Compiler

  • Compile with mbed web complier to get *.bin file.
  • Drag & drop copied *.bin to mbed.


Step 4  : Confirm an operation

See if it operates same as the YouTube clip.

Step 5 : Making watch frame

Make a watch frame with 3D printer. You can download 3D modeling STL file with the link below.

Link for 3D modeling


Source Code & Reference Site

  • smart watch source code :LINK
  • ethernet source code :LINK
  • 3D print :LINK