Project Description

1. System Components

Below components are used for this project.

  • Camera : will be connected to Receiver part using 2.5pi Audio Cable
  • Receiver : Arduino Uno(MCU) + WizFi250 (Wi-Fi Module, using Soft AP mode),
  • Remote Controller : Smart Phone (Simple Android App)



Connecting Canon DSLR camera with Receiver

We are going to use 2.5Ø audio jack to control the camera. As you see below image, the shutter and the focus will be controlled by this remote controller system.



If you take off the cover of the audio jack, you can see the red, white & gold wires. In this post, we are going to use the red line for shutter and white line for focus control. (You need to check which line you will use by using the Tester) The red and white lines will be connected to D7 & D6 of Arudino board respectively.



After then, connect the audio jack to the camera.



Programming for Receiver

We are going to use Soft AP function of WizFi250. In the Soft AP mode, WizFi250 operates as Access Point and supports direct connection with 2~3 devices.



Below is the code for Arduino. If ‘S’ is received from smart phone, the shutter operates to take a picture. If ‘F’ is received, it controls the focus.


Smart Phone App Code

Below is demonstration video