Project Description

Bread Online is a home appliance management suite designed to control devices with specifically modified hardware. It constists of a website that provides the management interface and a modified bread maker that communicates with it. The purpose of this project is to provide an alternative solution to home appliances monitoring and management based on the philosophy of Internet of Things.

The bread maker is controlled by an Arduino Uno R3, which communicates with the server via an Arduino Ethernet Shield R3. The sensitive functions of the bread maker are controlled by the TIMER1 of the Arduino, which checks the status of the thermostat, the relays and the buttons and refreshes the LCD every second. This timer also controls the frequency that the device contacts the server. The network functions are executed in the loop() function, as they are considered less important. The device is able to function offline as well.

TAG: home appliance management, Ethernet, IoT, 2015