Project Description

This project is aimed at designing a control system and user interface for the fitting robot with existing mechanics structure. On the hardware side, the control system is based on Arduino and Stepper motors, and a special container is designed for the hardware. On the software side, the online control application is based on the Google App Engine.e Ethernet to link the hardware and software. What’s more, an open API is provided for external applications. To add an internet connection, this project has used an Ethernet to link the hardware and software.


Control circuits

: Arduino Mega

5 motor drivers

Ethernet Shield

Arduino Mega


The control box is made up of three groups of control circuits: control circuits, router and power bar.

After assembling and powering the control box, we can manipulate the robot wirelessly. The notches in the back are able to meet the cabling requirements. The Acrylic shell of control box emphasizes a strong sense of industrial aesthetics.

The user interface is based on Google App Engine. With a GAE web app, we can control the fitting robot via personal computers, smartphones and tablets. The web app is user-friendly and very accessible. After signing up and logging in, users can control the robot with the help of navigation bar. The robot will transform to a certain size with the following steps: Initialize the robot firstly and then input the sizes of hip, waist and chest.

As for API, external applications can manipulate the robot with URL command.