Project Description

This is an Arduino Ethernet running the StripInvaders Firmware. StripInvaders lets you control LED Strips with your Smartphone and Tablet.

-DHCP Enabled
-OSC Support
-Bonjour support (TouchOSC find StripInvaders automatically)
-Configure StripInvaders with OSC Messages



Supported operating systems Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Hardware requirements At least Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz, 1GB RAM
Control of the PixelController software Computer (Mouse and Keyboard)
MIDI interface, e.g. AKAI MPD26
OSC interface, e.g. TouchOSC (iOS, Android)
Connection of the PixelInvaders 3D panel: USB interface
Functions of PixelController: Generators (the video image gets generated)
Effects (the video image gets modified)
Mixer (multiple video images are combined)
Fader (Switching between video-mixed images)
Colorset (Consistent colors)
Modes of the PixelInvaders Software: Manual control
Random control
Predefined settings


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Tag:  Light installation, app interface, Arduino Ethernet