Project Description

This project is a SMS notification tool in arduino through Ethernet. SMS notifications would be useful if the Arduino is connected to several sensors different sensors that could trigger different notifications. A flood sensor, temperature or motion sensor could all be used.


All the work is already done by using the Twitter Library. You just have to create a new Twitter username and modify the settings.
-install the Twitter library here:…
-create a new twitter username that your arduino will post messages to and possibly make it non-public.
-create a ring token for the new username here that you will enter into your (simple post) arduino example:
-modify the code to enable DHCP.
-modify your other, regular twitter account to follow the newly created arduino one.
-modify your regular twitter account so it will SMS you on each new twitter post for only your arduino posts. Settings, Mobile and enter your cell phone.
-Home, Following, to the right find your Arduino account, (drop down error), turn on mobile notifications.

TAG: 201201, SMS notification, Ethernet