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This article describes the way to make Smart lamp which is able to notify any conditioned situation remotely through internet. The author explains this project like the below.


I have IoT things that are controlled/monitored by my Master house HA including lights, temps, humidity and Caller ID. But one thing still annoys me, hearing that voice on the answering machine “… this is your final notice as it relates to the financial stimulus … “. Now I could lower the answering machine so we can’t hear it but then we might miss important calls (older relatives). So it would be nice that my wife and I had some convenient way of getting notifications while we watch TV. So I’ve decided that adding a teensie, a network connection (Wiznet or one of the ESP8266 boards) and multi-colored LEDs inside a lamp would allow me to notify anyone in viewing distance of different things.


The Teensy would subscribe to an MQTT topic (public or private). Then Misterhouse would monitor things and send different alerts to the Teensy to be displayed. The Teensy would have a library of alert types so it can support different alerts and colors.


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Tags : 20150507, WIZ550io, Ethernet Shield, WIZnet, Smart lamp, Notification system, LED

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