Project Description

Smart Home Security System using laser diode/led, ldr, arduino uno, ethernet shield and Twitter.



Now a days it is very hard to left your home security less when you are going to vacations. Someone can break into your house and robbed you so that we have made this setup to provide you a dependable home security.

The aim of our project is to aware the owner of the house and family members that Someone break into your house so that they can take certain steps to resist that robbery.

This project is very useful in day to day life and adds extra security for your house. This whole setup will come into action when someone tries to break into your house.

You are in home or not it does not matter, you will be notified by your Twitter notifications in your mobile that something is happening to your home and an alarm would be automatically triggered to make your neighbors know about the robbery at your home.






Each chapter includes a hardware information, detail descriptions and the Arduino source code.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Background, Aim of the project, Methodology and Conclusion
  • Chapter 2: Arduino
    • Arduino overview, schematic, Pin configuration, Power source, Memory, Input / Output and Programming
  • Chapter 3: Arduino Ethernet Shield
    • Ethernet shield overview, Description about W5100 and other components, Schematic and Pin out
  • Chapter 4: Other Components
    • Light-dependent Resistor and Laser Diode
  • Chapter 5: Interfacing with Twitter
    • Create an Account, Get a token to post a message using OAuth and Arduino Twitter Library
  • Chapter 6: Hardware Setup, Code & Application
    • Circuit Diagram and Source code


The project has been well documented on author’s website. It will be a good guide for arduino starter.

For more details, Please visit author’s website. and Viewing ‘Smart Home Security’






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