Project Description

This project is basic stage of any automatic robot. The obstacle detection scheme would be based on a sonar sensor, one for right and one for left direction, a micro controller would take input from the sensor and then compare the inputs to decide where the robot should turn. It would then give input to the two h-bridges which would in turn direct the motors to control the movement of the robot. Apart from that we will use two 9v batteries to power the micro controller and the motors. We are introducing smarting parking too by sending the number of free parking slots in the parking lot to cloud enabling every user to access on their mobiles .



– Component


1. Arduino

2. Motor Shield

3. Ultrasonic Sensor

4. Motors and wheels

5. Chassis

6. Bluetooth module(HC-05)

7. Ethernet Shield

8. Power supply

9. Arduino IDE

10. Bluetooth Terminal

11. Platforms (Azure and Power BI)


Picture of Playing With The Robot And Code

Connect a third ultrasonic sensor to a different arduino and place an ethernet shield(or use wifi module) on the arduino with wires crunched inside and just upload the code in step 18 to arduino using above steps and you will be able to see number of parking lots available in a parking area via MICROSOFT AZURE cloud services .


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