Project Description

RobotDyn Leonardo ETH(V2) with ATmega32U4 & W5500 Ethernet




RobotDyn Leonardo ETH(V2) is a fully featured Ethernet-connected device.

RobotDyn Leonardo ETH(V2) features two devices on one board: Leonardo based on an ATmega32U4 and Ethernet controller based on WizNet W5500 TCP/IP. It also has an optional PoE function.

In a server role, it will receive requests from other devices and services in local network and internet, and respond or react accordingly.

In a net member role, the RobotDyn Leonardo ETH(V2) can collect data from different devices or industrial equipment and send it through the local network or Internet.


Details can be found at the link below.



Leonardo ETH V2

Input Voltage (VIN/DC jack) 7~24V
Power IN (USB) 5V-limit 500mA
Power IN (PoE) Optional module, 48V(Input), 9V(Output)
Digital I/O 23
PWM Output 7
Analog I/O 12
Reserved Pins
  • D4 is used for SD card select;
  • D9 is used for SD card detect;
  • D10 is used for W5500
  • D14,D15,D16 are used for SPI.
  • *Optional: D8 is used for W5500 interrupting, D11 is used for W5500 initialisation
USB socket Micro-USB
Ethernet socket RJ45
PCB Size 53.3×68.6mm
Card Reader Micro SD card, with logic level convertor
Weight 41g