Project Description

project : Due to the development of diverse applications, smartphones are becoming more popular within the public. In this way, the smart-grid system is being implemented widely in order to optimize the energy efficiency. The existing Photovoltaic Inverter that was used exclusively until now could not identify what kind of problems there were in the grid information through the narrow LCD. In order to overcome these problems, Android designed the mobile Photovoltaic Inverter monitoring application, and through this the mobile information sharing system was designed and implemented in order to efficiently share the information of the inverter. By combining the smartphone with a high-speed internet network, real-time monitoring and operation statuses were able to be confirmed through the smartphone screen anytime and anywhere by connecting the Photovoltaic Inverter, which as a result, got rid of the inconvenience of the existing inverter. In this paper, the smart-grid system was built by using a smartphone to monitor the operation status of the grid-type Photovoltaic Inverter connected by the Wi-Fi module.

components: For Wi-Fi, the authors use WIZ610Wi-EVB from WIZnet. The authors set up RS232C connected to an inverter, Baud rate 9600bps, Data Bits 8bit, Stop bits 1, and Parity none for this project.

system configuration : The authors use Wi-Fi for wireless communication and RS232C for communication by wire.  For instance of long distance, the authors use remote communication network. In order to monitor the condition of power system, the authors implement the monitoring system of solar inverter using a smartphone.



application data flow:


Android uses Outputstream method to transmit the data and Inputstream method to receive the data through the solar inverter, IP connected to TCP/IP, and port. In order to connect to the network using Android, we should have Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Therefore, we should check up the status of connection to the network before the code execution. We also have in mind that the network connection might be disconnected anytime when we are developing the project. We can know the status of network using ConnectivityManager. It is including the package of

저자(Authors)제현우, 양오,Hyun-Woo Je, Oh Yang
한국정보기술학회논문지 10(1), 2012.1, 241-249 (9 pages)
Journal of Korean Institute of Information Technology 10(1), 2012.1,