Project Description

Remote Controlled LED using Mobile Phone and Internet

This project is tutorial about controlling a LED using your mobile phone app, Arduino and WizFi210 module/shield.
In this tutorial, you can build a circult using Arduino and connect it with your WiFi, next you cna develop a cross platform HTML5 mobile app using JavaScript.


  • WizFi210 module/shield
  • mobile app
  • LED


You can connect LED and WizFi210 easily.
If you want to use pin 12 of Arduino, just connect to the D12 of the shield and if you want to use GND, just use shield’s GND pin (remember this is for Arduino Uno, for other boards you may need to connect directly to Arduino pins).
Simply attach your LED’s long pin to a 220 ohm resistor and other end of the resistor will go to D12. For shorter leg, attach it to the GND pin of the shield.

Caution : Make sure the black pin on shield is towards “Arduino” and white pin is towards “PROG” while uploading, once uploaded, just move white pin towards “RUN”.

This figure use the telnet.
First, you go to Google Play Store and find Mobile Telnet App
– Install the app and through the menu open “Telnet Settings”
– Give the internal IP address and port number of your WiFi shield (you configured it in step 1) and press “OK”
– Click the menu tap on “Connect”
– The app will not tell you it’s connected but if you don’t see “Failed to connect .. ” after couple of seconds, try sending character “a”, if the telnet connected successfully, your LED will switch on while sending “b” will switch it off.

You have to download the app of short version and you see the description of app in the github.
Short Version