Project Description

< Remote control for home lighting and heating using OpenHAB >


Composition of Home Automation System.

All of a sudden, during the discussion about home automation at work, I was struct by an ides that I wanted to heat up my cold room before my arrival at home. I wanted to set up desired temperatures and control remotely at any time.


1. Project:

Connect the Relay with Arduino and also connect the LED and Heater with the Relay.

Every loads are controlled by the Relay and Raspberry Pi is used for the OpenHAB Web Interface.

Connect Arduino Mega and Ethernet Shield with the Relay which is controlled through OpenHab Binding HTTP.


2. Components:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino Nano
  • Ethernet Shield
  • Temperature sensor
  • PIR sensor
  • CDS sensor
  • Remote control module
  • Relay