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MySensors library supports multiple sensors and actuators in any environment using low cost RF interfaces.


As this project is well suited for very small embedded AVRs, such as the Arduino mini pro, there are certainly opportunities and needs for much more sophisticated controllers, such as the Kinetis FlexIO.  In particular, one component of a typical MySensors network is a gateway device which provides a communications bridge between the RF network and an automation controller (such as OpenHab, domoticz, etc).  There are also opportunities in combining several sensors and actuators in one node where increased I/O and computational power may be required (weather station, multiroom IoT node, etc).

This goal of this project is to port the MySensors library core to the Kinetis K82 MCU architcture.  This includes bringing the ported code into the main MySensors core distribution (possibly completed post contest end).  The code will be shared on Github using the current MySensors license (open source).  As a test harness for the port, I’ll be building a MQTT client gateway for my own MySensors installation.

For most of the basis of the project, be sure to visit and review the genesis for this project here:

A few words of additional merit concerning building this project:

— Avoid using Windows 10 if at all possible. You will likely (almost) brick your K82F.

— There is much more power available on this board than this simple port provides. This particular MCU and board provide plenty of I/O support (more than the Arduino Uno R3 header, obviously). For example, J22 provides a connector that the nrf24L01+ module will plug directly into.

You can’t use that connector and module with the WIZnet module, though. The WIZnet module is not friendly to others on the SPI bus.


General layout
This is a simplified version of the layout with both a 3V compatible version of the Wiznet ethernet module and a nrf24l01+ part




MySensors library fork
Porting software to new hardware platforms in this codebase. Both on current 1.5 (main) and development branches

MySensors Arduino Library and examples — Read More

Latest commit to the master branch on 4-17-2016

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Author : Mark Martin