Project Description

Project Description

The project is about to create a system for settlement by the Popcard in commercial vending machines.

The author is a vending machine in the hallway of their building and was selling drinks to your neighbors. Think of how selling drinks without cash, started this project.

PopCard 1

The author built using Arduino, Adafruit ethernet shield, WIZ811MJ, LCD,  RFID reader.

PopCard 2

The basic operation of the system is like this: A user scans their card, which is read via the RFID reader. The ID is sent to a piece of software running on one of my servers, which compares it to a database and retrieves the user name and their current credit amount. This is then displayed. If the vending machine is ready to accept money, pressing a “buy” button subtracts $1 from the account and places it in the machine. The user can then use that money to make a beverage purchase.

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