Project Description


Necleus is a smart lock based on IoT built on Arduino uno and Ethernet shield. It can be accessed by a key and internet through software interface built in java. He’s used an I2C EEPROM as key which hardly costs 15 cents resulting in an inexpensive key.


Circuit diagram


Actual circuit



It can be accesed remotely through its software over internet. This is the part where IoT comes in action. You can access and know the status of nucleus from any corner of world. And, you can add new keys to Nucleus or remove keys from Nucleus.

In the following video, you will see how to access to nucleus through software with internet.


Anti-Clone technology is employed to minimize the use of cloned keys. Whenever a authentic key is inserted in nucleus, a new session ID PIN is stored in that key. That key can access nucleus next time only if the previous session ID matches the one stored in key.Then a new session ID is stored in key. If someone tries to clone the key, he/she can copy only present data in cloned-key, and if it is used in future to access nucleus, most probably, it will not contain the new session ID required and will not be able to access nucleus.


Author: G Saikiran

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