Project Description

As you may know, Short Message Service (SMS) had become a very common way to communicate with each other and this might be the cheapest way if not to bug others out of their busy time. A lot of young generation like to use this way to communicate with each other. And of course, as our spirit to keep upgrade and provide the best for you, we too use SMS as one of our tool to notified on the status of your order. Now we decided to add this service for warranty process too.


Hardware & Schematic

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Ethernet Shield 2.0
  3. GSM – TC35
  4. URS232A (Optional)

Siemens TC35 Rev2.0 comes with a Serial communication which allow direct connection to the Arduino main board without any external level shifter. Please Do NOT use the VCC on TC35 to power up your Arduino or what so ever as it may spoil the TC35.



In my case, I found out that the signal data direct from the TC35 Serial pin is not stable. so I choose to use URS232A to get the data from the RS232 port. Below are the connection:


Caution: Ethernet shield will turn HOT when power up as it require high amount of power to operate.


More information :