Project Description

About project

  • No buttons: fully motion sensored.
  • Voice greeting: doorbell greets the visitor.
  • Voice alert: doorbell notifies me that somebody is at my door.
  • Logging: doorbell logs and timestamps every time I have a visitor and doorbell stores snapshot of the person.



<PIR Motion Sensor>


<Wave Shield>

And Ethernet shield, CCTV





How Doorbell will work

1.PIR sensor detects motion.

2.Trigger pre-recorded voice of Jarvis on wave shield that says “Hello. I am notifying my master that you are here”.

3.Make a call to the doorbell server API and let it know that I have a visitor.

4.Server takes a feed off the front door surveillance cam and creates a snapshot image.

5.Server takes that snapshot image and converts it into a base64 encoded dataurl so we don’t have to store the image as a file.

6.Server logs that data and timestamps it.

7.Meanwhile, Jarvis is polling the doorbell server via ajax requests.

8.Does Jarvis see new visitor data? If so, alert me with “You have a visitor” and show me a snapshot from my front doorstep on my screen.



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