Project Description

In this project, the author makes a monitoring system of water consumption using Arduino. By adding Ethernet Shield this system can be connected to a cloud service.


For this project, below parts are required.

  • Arduino
  • Proto shield
  • Ethernet shield
  • SD card
  • Shmitt trigger (e.g. 74C14N)
  • Realtime clock
  • Capacitor (1 microF)
  • Reed switch
  • Resistors of 20kohm and 100Kohm)
  • Reed switch-enabled water meter – Gioanola
  • A set of passive POE cables (optional)

The basic HTTP requests will be answered by the ethernet connection. The entire water meter activity log will be saved on the SD card.

The W5100 chip based ethernet shield with an SD card will be used so that an ethernet connection and an SD card can work together.


For more detail about this project, please visit below link