Project Description

Mini Module WIZnet W5300 – MMwiznet5300

by Propox


It was created with the idea of facilitating the communication of microprocessor systems through the Internet/Ethernet networks.
The heart of the module is the RISC Atmega128 microcontroller with 128kB of program memory and 64kB of (external) RAM memory, co-operating with the Ethernet controller, WizNET W5300.
The minimodule has an 512kB DataFlash serial memory for storage of WWW pages and of any files e.g. with measurement data. The memory is connected to a fast SPI bus with 8 Mb/s transmission speed.


  • Fast RISC microcontroller ATmega128 with up to 16 MIPS throughput
  • Ethernet controller10/100Mb/s W5300 with hardware TCP/IP stack
  • 128kB of in circuit programmable FLASH program memory
  • 64KB of RAM memory
  • 4kB of EEPROM memory
  • Serial DataFlash memory 4Mbits (512kBytes)
  • Reliable reset circuit
  • Crystal resonator 14.7456 or 16 MHz
  • 4 LED diodes indicating: power, LAN activity, DataFlash activity
  • Fully SMD made on 4-layer PCB
  • 1 x 20 terminals with 0.1″ (2.54mm) pitch fitting every prototype board
  • Available free operating system with TCP/IP stack supporting many protocols
  • Available evaluation board and sample applications
  • Small dimensions: 56mm x 30.5mm


The MMwiznet5300 minimodule can be used as a design base for electronic circuits co-operating from the
Ethernet/Internet network, covering the following areas of interest:
* Industrial remote controlling and monitoring systems
* Telemetry
* Intelligent buildings
* Alarm systems
* Weather stations and environment monitoring
* Medical electronicsHeating and air-conditioning systems
* Telecommunication
* Road traffic monitoring
* Remote data logging
* Home automation

The MMwiznet5300 minimodule can be also used in didactic workshops of information and electronic schools, illustrating the aspects of co-operation of electronic circuits from the Ethernet/Internet network, as well as be used to construct thesis circuits.

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