Project Description

A powered and connected mcGateway creates the mcAir network and bridges the communication of up to 1000 mcModules/mcDevices (within range) to and from the internet. Send information to the cloud using MQTT and IFTTT.

The mcGateway is a bridge between the internet and the mcModules so they can communicate with the cloud. Providing up to 200m* (650ft) range using mcAir, the mcGateway connects 1000+ mcModules while giving you the ability to access them via the internet and make script changes wirelessly. The mcGateway provides integration with IFTTT and MQTT and is Wi-Fi and Ethernet ready! The mcGateway is a required component when creating solutions using the mcThings IoT platform.



  • mcAir (Low Power Local Area Network)
  • mcStudio Integration
  • Micro USB Powered
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connectivity
  • USB for Updating
  • WSP Switch for Wi-Fi Pairing
  • Dimensions: 96.70mm x 59.45mm x 15.00mm




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