Project Description

Energy monitoring is a way of determining the trend of energy consumption. It’s an in-depth form of energy management to curtail wasteful usage of energy and combat global energy crises. This project improves the traditional way of electrical energy utilization monitoring by developing a wireless ethernet based energy utilization monitoring system. The completed system is divided into the sensor-node which measures and wirelessly transmits energy data and the embedded webserver which publishes a dynamic webpage. When compared with traditional metering methods the system was able to reach accuracies up to ninety-eight percent.

LIPTONDRON : 실시간 무선 에너지 사용량 모니터링 시스템LIPTONDRON : 실시간 무선 에너지 사용량 모니터링 시스템

LIPTONDRON : 실시간 무선 에너지 사용량 모니터링 시스템

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Tags : 201003, WIZ810MJ, AVR, WEB Server