Project Description

This article shows a good example as an Arduino for the real life. The main topic is how to make LEBV1 abbreviated from LCD Ethernet Backpack version. 1, which has main function to allow you to display any information anywhere at LCD panel.

LEBV1 consists of four main parts such as main MCU part, LCD I/F part, TDFI I/F part and W5100 ethernet module part. LEBV1 is based on Arduino UNO board, so main MCU is ATMEGA328P. In addition, it has FTDI interface for reprogramming and LCD interface to display any requested information on LCD. And finally, it has W5100 ethernet Module for internet connectivity. W5100 is coming from WIZnet.



This article is from Mr. Yves parent who tried to develop a commercialzed product which has compact size and attractive BOM cost. And then as a resulf of his efforts, it comes out like the below final PCB for LEBV1.



The below is the second prototype just before final PCB.


If you need more information on this project, please refer the below article.

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Tags : 201502, LEBV1, a networked LCD display, WIZnet, W5100, Arduino Uno