Project Description

About Chip:

  1. ATMEGA328P-AU
  2. Atmega16U2
    USB to serial chip
  3. AMS1117
  4. 5V and 3.3V stabilivolt chip
  5. W5500 network chip

About Interface:

  1. ICSP interface
    Program firmware to ATMEGA328P-AU

  2. Digital interface D0-D13
    Serial communication:D0(RX) and D1(TX)
    External interruption:D2(interrupt 0)、 D3(interrupt 1)
    PWM interface:D3、D5、D6、D9、D10 、D11
    SPI communication:D10(SS)、D11(MOSI)、D12(MISO)、D13(SCK)

  3. ICSP interface
    Program firmware to Atmega16U2

  4. USB port
    For program download or serial debugging

  5. DC power connector
    Access to 7V-12V voltage

  6. Power output port
    Output 3.3V or 5V,for external power supply or common ground handle

  7. Anal og interface A0-A5
    IIC communication:A4(SDA) and A5(SCL)
    Also can be used as digital interface:A0(D14)、A1(D15)、A2(D16)、A3(D17)、A4(D18)、A5(D19)

  8. Network connector
    RJ-45 network port

About Component:

  1. reset button
  2. 16MHz crystal oscillator
  3. 25MHz crystal oscillator

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