Project Description

1. Introduction

W5100 is a multi-purpose single internet interface chip, integrated 10/100 ethernet controller inside,and applied to embedded system which is high integration, high stability, high performance and low cost. It can be connected to Internet without operating system and compatible with IEEE802.3 10BASE-T and 802.3u 100BASE-TX. It contains TCP/IP protocol stack that is full-hardware and verified by market for years, ethernet medium transport layer and physical layer. You don’t need to consider the control of ethernet, and just need simple program of ports.

2. Features

Various interface: Direct Bus, Indirect Bus and SPI Bus

Supporting TCP/IP protocol stack of hardware, also TCP,UDP,ICMP,IGMP,IPv4,ARP.

Up to 4 independent ports

Integrating 16KBYTE transmit-receive cache

Outputting multiple indicating information,including RX,TX,Full/Duplex,Colision,Link,Speed

Supporting automatic conversion of polarity

Coming with Internet access, dual row of 2*14 2.0mm pins

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