Project Description





Recently, one of serious air pollution issue is fine dust. And it charges a lot of portion.

We need to monitor an air quality and handle this! Before we figure out it, looking up how to monitor an air quality.



  • Experience of using IoT Platform Thingspeak
  • A Little electronics knowledge



  • 1 × AllThingsTalk IOTOPIA Rapid Development kit
  • 1 × Arduino Ethernet
  • 1 × SeeedStudio Grove TPH sensor
  • 1 ×SeeedStudio Grove ESP8266 WiFi module


Let’s do

If you were interested in Thingspeak platform, you can check this link.

It shows how Thingspeak displays dashboard. I think it is pretty good to make demo.

If you like, please visit the link below.

Author : Koen Kempeneers
Tags: 201603,  Arduino, Ethernet Shield, Thingspeak, IoT, W5100, AirQuality